Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beyond Thankful

I find myself very somber today and my heart is very heavy. 

I found out yesterday evening that a fellow employee's child has been diagnosed with cancer. He's only 9 years old and he's about to face such a complex and trying situation at such a young age. Please keep this child, Terrance, in your prayers. I know God is a healer and I am believing and standing in agreement with my boss for this child's complete healing! 
This staggering news immediately hit home as a parent as I found myself thinking "How would I even begin to cope with this?" How would I find the strength to be the stable, positive rock that my child would need during such a fearful time?" 

I can only hope that I would remember that God is in control and that He gives us the strength to overcome the trials He allows us to face. Regardless, I am overwhelmed with feelings of gratefulness and thankfulness for the health of my family today. 

Please don't be guilty of taking all your loved ones for granted. Every day is precious!

My Task for the Day:  

Tell each of my family members just how special they are. 

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