Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carson's 2nd Birthday!

First of all, my sweet sister-in-law gets all the credit for the great photos in this post. She has a much better camera and actually knows how to use it, unlike myself. I point and shoot. 
I do have to pat myself on the back just a little as well since I've only had these picks for 48 hours and I'm actually posting them! 
Yay for blogging progress! 

Sooo.....Carson's birthday party was a blast! I was pretty happy that it was a cute, yet mostly stress-free event. We had some of our close friends and of course, as much family as we could. It was such a memorable day. We were missing all my family from South Carolina but I was thinking of them so that helped. 
And now, some highlights of the day :) 

Food in my family is always at the top of the list :) 

The Birthday Boy!
The dinosaur he's holding was an early gift from his Aunt Coco :)

The look of complete happiness ( on both our faces!) 

Someone must have said something to crack me up!

Last but never least, CAKE!!

(Well, cupcakes this year)

I am so blessed to be a mom to such a sweet boy! God is good!

After everyone left, my little guy felt like it was time for his hat. He LOVES that hat!


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