Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life just goes - A flashback to the fall/winter 2011

Wow, so much for my resolution to blog more often (and actually keep an adequate timeline of our year) around the Rose house.
I just can't believe my sweet baby boy is almost 2 years and 9 months old!! "Plleeeeaaase, stop growing up so fast!" I don't need you to be any more self sufficient than you are at this very moment.

Until I get back on the blogging train, here are a few pics to highlight the past six months of this blessed life of mine.

Me and my sis (over Thanksgiving weekend) getting our Black Friday fun on.

Hilarious sleeping style of my sweet boy.

Meeting Santa! 

Some of the memories/milestones to note:

November 2011
- We had a case of nurse's elbow. Yep, it happened. Horrifying moment for me to see my boy in pain. The doc got him fixed up that same day by lunch and by dinner, he was feeding french fries to his teddy.

December 2011
- 3 am wake up call - I go to calm down the whining kiddo and he starts rambling about requests for french fries ( a fav at the moment), trains ( also a fave), and kolaches. Of all the things, ha! The moment passed and he was back to sleep in seconds.
- Saw Christmas lights to which he responds" whoa, cool." At 2 years old? Crazy stuff I tell ya.
- Instead of a "yes" or "no" response to questions, we get the diplomatic "ok".

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