Friday, October 14, 2011

Motherhood....what a fabulous, crazy, wild ride!

 Whenever I first found out I was pregnant, I was secretly hoping for a girl. My husband warned me that girls are the minority but I was sure we'd break the mold. I'm the oldest of three and I loved the bond my mom and I have. I just knew I would have a girl and re-live history, only I would get to be the hip, cool mom in the scenario.  

God had other plans.  But, boy does He know what He's doing. 


When it comes to boys, I hit the jackpot.  Carson is so much like his daddy but yet, I see silly traits of his crazy momma in there every day! My official name per Carson is "monny (pronounced maw-nee)" which I must admit, I kinda like. It's my own special name :) 

We are so thrilled to be his parents. (Huge smiles going on over here!) 

Maybe we'll get a girl next and I'll be head over heels all over again :) 

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